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This is a special announcement!

We are replacing AquaLyte with an even better water enhancer called pH-FX. After 22 yrs. of promoting AquaLyte coral minerals, I have found something that changes the water even better. It's called PH-FX and it instantly and permanently raises the pH of water by 2 points. It will immediately raise the pH of distilled water, for example from 7 to 9. That's faster and higher than AquaLyte.

Also, pH-FX restructures water on a much higher level than AquaLyte. Instead of breaking H20 clusters into smaller clusters (about half their original size), pH-FX takes the clusters apart one molecule at a time. It then arranges them into "strands" of single H20 molecules hooked together like a train. This means that the molecules enter the cell one at a time, which translates into even better hydration and cellular "flushing" to get rid of toxins. PH-FX creates the most hydrating water of any product we have ever experienced! It is so "potent" that you have to very gradually work your way up to drinking a half gallon over the course of 2 weeks! WOW! 

Another important reason you should know is that since it is a liquid, we are able to give pH-FX an "energy" treatment that we couldn't do with AquaLyte. It is a similar process to what we do with our energy pendant Energy FX. Hence the "FX" in the name.

Plus, pH-FX is an even better "companion" to Ionyte, since they are both liquids. Ionyte provides the full spectrum of minerals to make your pH-FX water . . .  the best water you can get!

Bottom line: I am the guy who originally introduced coral minerals to America over 22 yrs. ago, so you must understand that this was a very difficult decision. I have always said I would drop AquaLyte, if I ever found anything better. For 22 yrs. AquaLyte beat all challengers as the best water enhancer . . . until now! pH-FX is the new "champ"!

On Jan. 9th, I gave a lot more details about pH-FX and our other new product Din-Min. Here is the link to the replay of the call: 

By computer: https://stme.in/DSy3IWUns
By Phone: 701-801-1229       Meeting ID: 149 555 600#      Ref. #: 53


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